Our mobile in-house equipment allows us to diagnose and treat your pet efficiently.

Diagnostic Testing

CBC: Abaxis HM5
For complete blood count (white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets).

Chemistry: Abaxis VetScan VS2
Measures blood chemistry to evaluate liver, kidneys, electrolytes, etc.

Coagulation: Abaxis VetScan VSPro
Measures PT/PTT (evaluates coagulation time).

Snap 4Dx
In-house 8 minute test for heartworm disease and tick borne diseases including Lyme.

Microscopic Cytology
Microscope for evaluating blood slides, cytology, skin scrapings.

Other more specialized testing is referred out to clinical pathology laboratories.


Medical Imaging

Digital X-ray: Aero DR
Obtains diagnostic x-rays in seconds, with ability to download to specialists.

Ultrasound: Logiq Book E
Portable ultrasound for abdominal scans. 

Digital Dental X-ray: Scil DDX - R
For dental x-rays during anesthesia, to diagnose dental disease below the gum line.


Surgery Monitoring Equipment

Our surgical suite is equipped with an isoflurance anesthetic machine and active scavenging system.

For patient safety, we have a Cardell monitor and Capnograph that measures Sp02, ECG, respiration rate, heart rate, temperature and CO2 level. This monitor allows us to keep excellent status of patient vital signs during surgery.

As well, we have  a Hot Dog patient warmer, which effectively mantains normal body temperature during surgery.